Childhood dreams (De Droom van de Jeugd)

In “Childhood dreams” (De Droom van de Jeugd) the inseparable blood bond of the characters is central. Family relationships become increasingly acute throughout the story. Every generation has its own obstacles and challenges that are fought and fought for. Is it a struggle from then? Or ideals and freedoms for which we are still fighting? With Childhood dreams, KRO-NCRV wants to give context to the time in which we now live. The series spans nearly 50 years, from the 1960s to the early 21st century. The uniqueness of this drama series by KRO-NCRV lies in the expansive time frame, which depicts how a typically Dutch generation fights for its own freedoms.

Cast and director

The Wander family consists of six family members. Father Kick (Mark Rietman), mother Rosalie (Annet Malherbe) the oldest daughter Carla (Tamar van den Dop and Hanna van Vliet), the oldest son Max (Peter Paul Muller and Ko Zandvliet), daughter Suus (Maria Kraakman and Laura Bakker) and son Frans (Gijs Naber and Joes Brauers). Other roles are played by Jacob Derwig, Gustav Borreman, Nizar El Manouzi, Chris Peters, Ghislaine Pierie, Jaimy Grant and Alidtcha Binazon. A mix of known and unknown talent makes for a diverse and inclusive cast.

Childhood dreams is directed by Bram Schouw and Simone van Dusseldorp. Childhood dreams is produced by Topkapi Films (Another Round, Mijn vader is een vliegtuig and the documentary series Cannabis). Childhood dreams is co-produced with KRO-NCRV and realized with the NPO fund.

The drama series can be seen in the autumn of 2022 at KRO-NCRV on NPO 1.


Part of this new drama series was shot in my city of Haarlem. I don’t know yet how Haarlem fits into this story, but I now know that six days were filmed in my beautiful city. In the last weeks of August, the cameras rotated in or around the Florapark and the Floraplein.


At the moment I have already had the opportunity to make a few paper props and hopefully more will come to me in the near future to make for this series.

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