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When the hiding place of the beautiful Jewish singer Rachel Steinn is accidentally bombed, she decides to cross the Biesbosch with a group of Jews to an already liberated area. However, the boat encounters a German patrol and all refugees are brutally slaughtered. Only Rachel escapes. She joins the resistance, and as Ellis de Vries manages to get along with the high German SD officer Müntze. He is very charmed by her and offers her a job. Meanwhile, the resistance has planned to free a group of imprisoned resistance fighters with the help of Ellis. This fails miserably because it has been betrayed. Ellis is blamed both by the resistance and by the Germans. With Müntze by her side, she goes into hiding again, waiting for the end of the war together. Liberation does not bring freedom to Ellis; not even when she manages to expose the real traitor …


  • Art Department | Wilbert van Dorp

  • Art Director | Aviva de Groot

  • Production | Fu Works, Egoli Tossel Film, Clockwork Pictures

  • Director | Paul Verhoeven

My Work

  • Graphic Design

  • Printing
  • Prop Making

My contribution

  • ID Cards

  • Cigarette packs & Tobacco labels

  • Files & Document folders

  • Chocolate and Ration items

Through an acquaintance in the living history world I became involved in the film world. This also became the step towards making props for movies and television. For the Black Book film I also made a lot of items, such as chocolate wrappers, cigarette packs, ration labels, boxes, documents and the like.

Atlas Paper Film Props

Specialized in manufacturing paper props for Television, Commercials, Film and Theater.

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