About this project


The Man from Rome tells the story of the skeptical Italian investigative priest Filippo, who is commissioned by the Vatican to investigate a tearing statue of the Virgin Mary in a Limburg border village. In the village, a schoolboy shot his rifle empty four years ago in the local pre-vocational secondary education. Attracted and unsettled by the young silent Térèse, he finds himself embroiled in the village’s grief and in a series of seemingly miraculous events.


  • Art Department | Evelien Stikkelman

  • Screenplay | Jaap van Heusden & Rogier de Blok

  • Production | Marc Bary (IJswater Films)

  • Director | Jaap van Heusden

My Work

  • Graphic Design

  • Printing
  • Prop Making

My contribution

  • Cigarette packs

  • Prints

I was asked to design and make a typical Italian pack of cigarettes. Thinking of Italy I came upon Gondola Cigarettes. And here the result. Completely new boxes which were used for the film.

Atlas Paper Film Props

Specialized in manufacturing paper props for Television, Commercials, Film and Theater.

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