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Most props are made by hand by me in my own small studio.

Patrick van der Vegt
Patrick van der VegtGraphic Artist / Prop Maker

Strive to make the best paper props

Everything is manufactured in my own studio

Films can be located anywhere; creating the visual world or setting for a film is the role of the Art Department. The look of sets or locations transports audiences into the world of the story, and is an essential element in making films convincing and evocative. These settings are rarely left to chance by film makers; a great deal of work and imagination goes into constructing appropriate backdrops to any story.

Graphic Artist / Prop Maker

As a Graphic Artist and Prop Maker I can produce film props for films which contain graphic items, such as money, newspapers, magazines, handwritten or typed letters, musical scores, books, maps, menus, passports, stamps etc. The audience should be unaware that the letters, menus, bills, books, printed sheet music, shop signage or cash read or used by characters are not genuine, but clever reproductions. I manufacture props, carefully made to reflect the period and setting in which the story unfolds. Ensuring that these printed props appear as realistic as possible is a highly specialised job. So if you need a Graphic Artist for your next project, just contact me. You can find me on IMDb website too.

Don’t look any further

If you need a Graphic Artist / Prop Maker for your next project

Graphic Design

Graphic design is done in my own studio with the well-known Adobe packages.

Prop Making

The machines and materials are available in my own studio for printing and manufacturing props.


More than 25 years in the graphics business and 20 years of prop manufacturing experience.

Previous Projects

De man uit Rome

2021, Film

De Stamhouder

2020, Dutch TV Serie

Anno 1914

2014, Swiss TV Serie

De droom van de jeugd

2021, TV Serie

Zwartboek (Black Book)

2005, Dutch Film

Bankier van het Verzet

2017, Dutch Film

The Spectacular

2020, TV Serie


2016, Dutch Film

The Secret Armies of the Low Countries

2005, Discovery Channel

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