The Antwerp diamond sector has long been a popular theme among fictional creators. For example, series have already been made, such as Diamant (1997) and Children van Dewindt (2008), but these were only small productions compared to what is now in the pipeline. Amazon Studios is currently working on a new crime series, ‘Everybody loves diamonds’, taking inspiration from ’the diamond heist of the century’ in 2003 in Antwerp, Belgium.

The screenplay for Everybody Loves Diamonds was written by Stefano Bises (author of Gomorra, Il Miracolo and ZeroZeroZero), Michele Astori (author of The Mafia kills only in summer), Bernando Pellegrini and Giulio Carrieri. With comedic implications, Everybody Loves Diamonds is a crime series focused on heists and risqué shots, a genre that is quickly gaining popularity around the world. The series is inspired by the “Antwerp Heist” in 2003, described by the media as the largest diamond theft in the world. Everybody loves Diamonds is directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli.

The plot:

The original Amazon series follows a deranged gang of thieves led by Sicilian mastermind Leonardo Notarbartolo who, with a brilliant plan at the time, managed to bypass the state-of-the-art and sophisticated security system of the Antwerp Diamond Center and steal precious stones worth more than 100 million euros.

The cast:

One of the leading roles, that of Leonardo Notarbartolo, is played by the Italian actor Kim Rossi Stuart. The complete cast of Everybody Loves Diamonds has not yet been announced.

Release date:

Produced by Mario Gianani and Lorenzo Gangarossa for Wildside, Everybody Loves Diamonds is a new Italian series with comedic undertones, announced by Amazon on October 16, 2020, which will be available exclusively on the streaming platform of e-commerce giant Amazon Prime Video in 2023 in more than 240 countries.


In the meantime I have been asked if I can make two small props, but hopefully it will be much more the coming time.

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