About this project


Sleepers is a Dutch crime series. The series was conceived and developed by Robert de Hoog and Simon de Waal for the Videoland service, where the series premiered on December 8, 2022. De Hoog and De Waal also wrote the series.
The series is about the corrupt Utrecht agent Martin Oudkerk. His criminal stepfather sent him to the police academy as an 18-year-old in order to get an accomplice within the police force. As a police officer, Oudkerk has to find a way between police work and the criminal circuit. The fact that his wife Noura also works for the police and knows nothing about his practices makes it even more difficult for him.


  • Art Department | Wilbert van Dorp

  • Art Director | Aviva de Groot

  • Production | Fiction Valley

  • Creators | Robert de Hoog and Simon de Waal

My Work

  • Graphic Design

  • Printing
  • Prop Making

My contribution

  • Prop Passports

  • Prop Money

I was asked to make prop money and prop passports for Sleepers.

Atlas Paper Film Props

Specialized in manufacturing paper props for Television, Commercials, Film and Theater.

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